Zeichenære: Retrospective 1997–2022

Nil Orange‘s Opus Magnum

Nil Orange: Zeichenære: Retrospective 1997–2022
Artist monograph, 760 pages, Partly colored, 190 × 270 mm, Softcover

1824 drawings on 700 pages + 60 pages of text and essays

This book was typeset in Garamond Premier Pro and the Myriad Pro by the artist. Printed
by the offset printer grammlich in Pliezhausen on uncoated 100g/m2 Munken Pure paper.
 Refinements: silver embossing, open spine

This book is not a usual artist’s monograph, it is to be understood as a work of art; hence a number of unusual peculiarities: there are no image descriptions, year numbers or references to techniques. Instead, all motifs are woven into a large, chronologically ordered tapestry of images, and provided with a continuous count. This is idiosyncratic, but deliberately chosen. Numbers and letters, symbols and signs, and always the figurative. From absurd to mystical. From existential to spiritual. A graphic die and become.

“Nil Orange draws with verve, as if his life were at stake, perhaps without knowing that in doing so he is breathing deep meaning into the soulless world in which we live today; and on the other hand, stroke by stroke, he exorcises his inner demons, which, as we know, can also be angels.”

“In viewing the retrospective of Nile Orange, we are constantly exposed to the sacred alphabets of the world, the power of our modern alphabet, the silent message of symbolic forms, and the language of color.”