Portraits: Glances into Mind and Personality

»By portraits I do not mean the outlines and the coloring of the human figure, but the inside of the heart and mind of man.« Earl of Chesterfield

Exclusive Portraits by Nil Orange

Get your individual portrait created by a skilled artist. Or give it as a special gift to someone you value.

Impressive. Alive. Unique.

Send us a suitable photo and let Nil Orange surprise You. Based on the photo he creates a high-quality portrait as an artprint on aluminium dibond in 34 x 55 cm format.

Some Portraits of Nil Orange

»Beautiful color composition. The background harmonizes wonderfully with eye and hair color! I’m thrilled!«

Eva Baunach

»The artwork [of Nil Orange] spurs imagination. Dreamlike and always hinting at something just beyond the picture, the art encourages us to fill in the blanks.«

M. Grace Melucci

»The works [of Nil Orange] remain puzzling, are somewhat evading, when one tries to locate them or to fix them in time.«

Prof. Dr. Thomas Friedrich

»Tonight I have discovered your beautiful website [nilorange.de] and only wish I could understand the words. Maybe this site is the very best I’ve ever seen on the www!«

Abhi Jat

About Nil Orange

Nil Orange (*1968) lives and works in Würzburg as a draughtsman and designer. His pencil drawings develop an unmistakable impression by vectorizing the lines. The digital coloration creates individual textures and random effects by applying combined algorithms and gives his pictures their own liveliness and effect. The artist refers to the tradition of a de Chirico and works with the influence of illustrators, cartoonists and comic-strip artists such as Tullio Pericoli, Glen Baxter and Moebius. Nil Orange exhibited his work in Cham, Würzburg and Buenos Aires.

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