Eastern and the Tarot Symbol according to Rudolf Steiner

On today’s Easter Saturday it is obvious to take the great feast of Christianity as an occasion for a short journey into Catholic hermeticism. It is definitely not the case, as some believers suspect, that the Tarot contradicts the teaching of the Catholic Church. Pope John Paul II was familiar with the work of Valentin […]

An interview with Nil Orange

Guest feature by Annegret Zimmer. Article and interview with Nil Orange, published in issue 66 of Tarot Heute, the association newspaper of Tarot e.V. To work with own decks is in many places today almost part of the good tone in the tarot scene. Artistically talented people all over the world get together and put […]

The Key of it All

Much and often people do speak of the so-called Sacred Languages, Astrology as many see would be one, also the Tarot. Few people have taken the Sacred Languages so literally and have explored and studied them with such meticulousness and patience as the man whose books I would like to talk about here. David Allen […]