The Tarot and the Hebrew Alphabet

Many of those, if not the majority, who deal with the Tarot on a regular basis, may not be interested in the relationship between the Hebrew alphabet and the Tarot. Many do not know anything about it either, as it may not really be necessary for a fruitful work with the Tarot. Nevertheless, for the […]

Deeper than the day has realized: the Moon in the Tarot (part 1)

Human being, listen!Human being, listen!What does the deep midnight say?“I slept, I slept,I awoke from a deep dream:The world is profound,and deeper than the day has realized.Its misery is deep,Joy is deeper still than the heart’s sorrow.Misery says: just die!But all joy desires eternity,wants deep, deep eternity!” Friedrich Nietzsche “What does the deep midnight say? […]

Deeper than the day has realized: the Moon in the Tarot (part 2)

It is by no means a new way of looking at things to put the 21 numbered Arcana of the Tarot into an arrangement that gives the picture of three fundamentally different paths. These are: The first path is the active, masculine path. The energetic Magician marks the beginning of the series; with the warlike […]